Further monthly drop in live register figures for Balbriggan and Swords

1 November 2013

Brendan Ryan TD has welcomed the further decrease in the Live Register figures for Fingal in the October figures released by the CSO. The latest drop in local Live Register figures for Balbriggan and Swords is an encouraging sign that more and more people in the north county are returning to work, according to Brendan Ryan TD. Figures produced by the CSO on Thursday show that 4510 people in the Balbriggan region, including Rush, Lusk, Skerries, Balrothery and the rural villages were on the Live Register in October. This compares to 4704 in September, a reduction of 194. This compares to a reduction of 165 from August to September.

Figures also show that 4,206 people in the Swords region including Donabate and Portrane, were on the Live Register in October. This compares with 4,380 in September, a reduction of 174.

“While the overall amount of people out of work is still too high, the figure shows that local unemployment numbers are on a downward trajectory and I welcome this. Over the past year we have seen an 8.1% decrease in Balbriggan and 6.2% decrease in the Live register figures. The reduction reflects what is happening on the national front, with the CSO data also showing that the overall number of people on the Live Register dropped to under 400,000 for the first time in four years. This is a stark contrast to when Labour first took office, when the unemployment count was heading for a peak of 500,000.”

While a lot of work remains to be done, these numbers are encouraging for the local area and I hope the downward trajectory continues as part of our economic fightback.