€2.2 billion investment in social housing result of Labour in Government

14 October 2014

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal and Chair of the Labour Party internal committee on Housing has welcomed today’s Budget which includes a €2.2 billion multi annual investment in social housing.

Ryan “Just under €800m will be spent on housing, an increase of over €230m on last year which will bring about an increase of 40% on the 2014 housing budget. This return to direct social housing provision is a model that Labour has always supported and Minister Alan Kelly has demonstrated real leadership in this area.. It was a failure of the previous Government to move away from this model and rely purely on the private housing market for social housing provision. This Budget is the first move back to the correct model of social housing provision. This investment, allied with the changes to the Part V planning and development act in respect of social housing, will begin to bring relief to our social housing crisis.”

Ryan “For the last year, I convened and continue to Chair an internal Labour Party committee on Housing with direct responsibility to put forward solutions to our housing crisis. I am in no doubt that the pressure we have applied has brought forward important measures in 2014, including informing measures in this Budget. In our Spring document circulated to Labour Ministers we called for action on:

  • Part V housing, funding for void units to be turned around,
  •  return of discretion to Community Welfare Officers with regard to the setting of Rent Allowance rates and central of all,
  • we advocated for large investment in direct social housing provision.

Ryan “Since the Spring, we have seen an extra €15 million for void housing units, proposals by Minister Kelly to ensure all new private housing developments will deliver 10% of its stock for social and affordable use. There will be no more land swaps or loopholes for developers. We have seen new protocols to devolve some further discretion to CWOs in respect of Rent Allowance and today we have seen the announcement of a €2.2 billion multi annual package for social housing.”

Ryan “Our work is not done and we will continue to work to tackle the Housing crisis in all its forms however, this budget gives us pause to recognise the measures implemented to date by Labour ministers in Government in this area. My colleagues and I will continue to work with our Ministers to tackle this crisis. One of the Labour Party’s core values is the delivery of social housing and we will continue to work to that aim”