Metro North still on the table

9 December 2014

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal, has welcomed the review announced by the Minister for Transport of future transport needs in Fingal, particularly for the large town of Swords. The Minister announced a short-list of six project options to serve one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, all proposals will serve both Swords and Dublin Airport. The suite of proposals being considered for the medium to long term include; heavy rail, light rail and rapid bus solutions.

Ryan “Personally I am pleased to see an optimised Metro North solution is part of the proposals being examined. It is my view that the long term public transport need for Swords is best met by a rail option. The Metro North project was never delivered when the country was awash with money and the economic crisis pushed any long term transport solution, including Metro North, onto the back burner as the Government fought to regain economic sovereignty. Now we are making economic progress and growth is continuing apace, I am glad to see the transport need for North Dublin will be addressed. Fingal has close to four times the population growth rate of Dublin City and our other Dublin Local Authority areas and over half of existing housing planning applications being located in Fingal. There is no greater need in the country for a large public transport solution.”

Ryan “My preferred option is the optimised Metro North proposal which would still serve Swords, the Airport, DCU and the city centre but would have fewer stations in Dublin City Centre and fewer tunnels, therefore reducing the cost. I am encouraging as many residents, community groups, sports groups and businesses to make submissions to the NTA before the deadline of Monday 19 January. ”