23 March 2017

Following a parliamentary question placed by Brendan Ryan, the Minister for Transport informed him that preparatory works are taking place on a route alignment and station locations for Metro North. Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the National Transport Authority expect this work to last throughout 2017 after which a public consultation process will get under way in 2018.

"Since September 2015 when the last Government chose Metro North as the only long term transport solution for the M1 corridor including the Airport and Swords, I have been pushing the NTA and Transport Infrastructure Ireland to get their skates on and get this project underway.

"With a construction start date slated for 2021 I asked the Minister what progress has been made in the year since this Government came to power. I was informed that work on a final route and station alignment is being prepared and that this work will be completed in 2017.

"This will be followed by a public consult ation in 2018. This all seems very familiar to many people and I know people won’t truly believe this project will be delivered until work begins. Until then, I will keep the pressure on the Minister to ensure this project is moving forward as quickly as possible”