17 August 2017

Brendan Ryan has received a response to representations he has made to the NTA in relation to a coordination of timetables between the 33B bus and train services at Doinabate station.

Ryan "There has been an ongoing problem with lack of coordination in Donabate of the train service from Dublin City with the 33B bus service to Portrane. You may be aware that Portrane is about 3 Km from the rail station in Donabate. It is roughly a 36 minute walk.On a recent visit to Donabate I was waiting at Donabate rail station for a train to Skerries. I witnessed myself the bus travel across the bridge towards Portrane at 11.55pm. The train from the city arrived 6 minutes later at 12.01. I have been pushing the NTA, Irish Rail and Dublin Bus for years in relation to this issue as a relatively simple timetable adjustment would greatly benefit residents in Portrane who will be able to coordinate their public transport options to get home. I look forward to this matter being resolved in the coming months and I will keep in contact with Dublin Bus and the NTA in order to bring it to a successful conclusion."



National Transport Authority

17th August 2017


Dear Deputy

I refer to your email dated 27 July last concerning the co-ordination of bus and train services in Donabate for transport to Portrane.

The Authority has further discussed with Dublin Bus draft revisions to the timetable for Route 33B which include better connectivity with rail services and a specific connection with the last train every day of the week. 

Dublin Bus will submit detailed timetable proposals for the Authority's consideration shorty.

Yours sincerely

Anne Graham

Chief Executive