30 August 2018

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal, has called on the NTA to protect Express bus routes through the BusConnects process.

Ryan “Routes such as the 33x, 41x and the 142 are crucial direct commuter routes which operate at peak hours. I have been canvassing throughout Fingal over the Summer and it is clear that real concern exists amongst people about the new BusConnects proposals. The Busconnects plan involves a shift in how our bus system would work with an emphasis on high frequency spine services with orbital routes necessitating a change in buses to get to some destinations. There is a lot about this plan which makes sense however there are some major problems emerging in relation to the vitally important express and more direct services. Commuters and school goers are concerned that these vital efficient services will be lost through these proposals. ”

Ryan “It is vital that these services are retained and indeed expanded and improved upon in the years to come. I will be including this in my submission to Busconnects and I am advising all residents who have any concerns to do the same. This plan needs a lot of modification and it will only happen if all our voices are heard”