31 August 2018

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD, has called on the Government to accelerate the delivery of an affordable housing scheme.


Ryan “The Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan Scheme has helped a few but it is not designed the help the many. In my constituency of Dublin Fingal I am dealing with people every day who are above the threshold for local authority housing support but are not being given the time of day by the banks. They are shovelling greater percentages of their income into rent which is decreasing their ability to save for a deposit. It is a knot that is just getting tighter and the Government are not acting quickly enough.

Ryan “We need a rent to buy scheme as a minimum and the Government needs to target these in the rent pressure zones that already exist. These are the pinch points for this crisis. Minister Murphy doesn’t seem to realise the harsh realities of the housing crisis. In the last month alone, we have seen families sleep in Garda stations to avoid sleeping on the streets and protestors occupy buildings that have been lying vacant. Every month the homeless figures are rising and the numbers of children homeless are rising, this is not a sign that Rebuilding Ireland is working”

Ryan “There are huge land banks in Fingal owned by the Council which need to be developed as a matter of urgency. The jobs economy is recovering but it is leaving the housing economy behind!”